Pride is a big event, there is usually a parade, and speakers come from all over the world to speak and do workshops. Some LGBT communities gather in weeklong rainbow-colored celebrations during the event. However, there is an interesting history behind the Pride event.

Quick Historical Facts

In the 1990’s scientists working for the U.S. military produced proposal for a gay bomb. Their idea was to bomb their enemies into homosexuality, for some reason that was a war strategy. It could be a hilarious and shocking idea, depending on how you look at it.

The longest-standing LGBT organization, the Center of Culture and Leisure, was founded in 1946 in the Netherlands.

The Rosa Winkel (Pink Triangle), one of the most internationally recognized LGBT symbols originated in Nazi concentration camps to identify male prisoners who were gay. It was later adapted by the gay community in the same way some verbal slurs have been.

In 2017, the first Muslim same-sex marriage between Amrou Al-Kadhi and Jahed Choudhury was officiated in an Islamic ceremony in the U.K.

The rainbow flag was designed in 1970’s by Gilbert Baker an American artist and gay rights activist. The flag became somewhat like the international symbol of the LGBT community, each color stand for a significant meaning:

Red: Life.

Orange: Healing.

Yellow: Sunlight.

Green: Nature.

Blue: Harmony or Peace.

Purple: Spirit.